CLOrk (QC)

TITLE : Tidal Flow (2016)
Recorded during Akousma 13
DATE : October 21, 2016


Established in 2011 by Dr. Eldad Tsabary, Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) is a large laptop ensemble (20-25 performers), which operates as a course for advanced electroacoustic majors at Concordia University’s Music Department. The curriculum is built around highly participatory planning, production, and realization of innovative interdisciplinary and networked laptop orchestra performances within an action research framework.

The process of creation and performance is highly collaborative, transformational, and adaptable to students’ interests and abilities and to the varying contexts of CLOk’s performances. Since its establishment, CLOrk has collaborated with symphonic, chamber, jazz, and laptop orchestras; soloists; dancers; VJs; and others; always updating its modes of interaction, its technologies, improvisational approaches, and musical expression.

Members of the CLOrk for this concert were:
Elias Bazinjaneh • Cassandra Beauvais • Didier Bergeron • Bennett Dobni • Liam Fenton • Joel Guerin Simard • Emiri Inoue • Michael Khayata • Mark Latimer • Diana Lazarro • Elizabeth Millar • Robert Stiglitz • Robin Schmidt • Eldad Tsabary (director) • Danil Ulmashev • George Varoutsos • Travis West • Vanessa Zaurini 
Tidal Flow (2016)
A collective comprovisation co-composed for Akousma by all performing members of the orchestra, featuring the wide dynamic and textural range possible with a mixed digital/analog/acoustic orchestra of 20 performers. The performance features an orchestral interplay between balance and disturbance, between collective and individual expression.