October 11, 2021

Day 1 - 6pm

Satosphère de la SAT


Myriam Bleau &
Sandrine Deumier

Myriam Bleau is a composer, digital artist and performer based in Montreal. Using music and sound as a point of departure, she has created gestural electronic music performances, audiovisual interfaces, installations and interactive devices that articulate sound, light, movement and symbols. Her work investigates performance, both as a codified cultural manifestation, and as an embodied (re)enactment of symbolic systems through human and non-human agencies. It has been recognized and presented internationally, in festivals such as Prix Ars Electronica (AT), Sónar (ES, HK), Mutek (MX, CA, AR, JP), ISEA (CA, KR), Transmediale (DE).

Sandrine Deumier is a pluridisciplinary artist working in the field of performance, poetry and video art whose work investigates post-futurist themes through the development of aesthetic forms related to digital imaginaries.


Digital animation (Sandrine Deumier) and electronic music (Myriam Bleau)

Evocation of a cybernetic garden designed in multiple scenes, this work contemplates a potential symbiosis between the human being and a state of rediscovered nature. Through ecosophy and interspecies mutualism, it explores the possibility of identifying ourselves with a mutant nature, a plant becoming state or the experience of infrahuman lives.

In search of a biosensitivity a nonhuman / hypernatural sensitivity.

L'alter-Monde addresses the critical issues of climate change and extinction of species while immersing the viewer in a potentially transformative experience. Through its worldbuilding, it offers a constructive meditation towards the idea of economic de-growth, of a crucial posthuman symbiosis with nature.

Winner of the Festival Platform Award - Dome Theater Category at the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival, 2021.

With support from the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.


GGROUNDD is an audio-visual duo made up of Line Katcho and Guillaume Cliche. Based in Montreal, Line and Guillaume met during their studies at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal where they studied electroacoustic composition. They subsequently hosted a radio show together at CKUT 90.3FM. In 2019, they created the generative audio-visual performance Limit Brick which addresses the notion of limits. The project premiered at Mutek Montreal 2020 and screened at the Transart (Italy) and Node (Germany) festivals. This year, their most recent creation Cristal métal was presented at FIMAV (Victoriaville). GGROUNDD aims at producing a sensory experience, sometimes visceral and raw, sometimes atmospheric and enigmatic. They create psycho stimulant audio-visuals, on the edge of frantic excitement and hypnotic radiance.

Program *premiere
Sublimer les solides (16’)
Sublimer les solides is an audiovisual piece for fulldome inspired by the duality between obsession and letting go. Sublimation of the state of affairs towards an enigmatic manufactured ideal, sometimes frenetic, sometimes hypnotic, abrasive and rigid, smooth and radiant.


Simon Chioini

Emerging from Montréal’s vibrant community of experimental artists, Simon Chioini creates a hybrid of new music aesthetics and genre-fusing electronic sounds. Through long-form electroacoustic pieces and sharp technoïd productions, his exercises in abstract composition tied with club elements have honest roots, drawing from his academic background and a self-driven study of the past decades’ outlier electronic music.

Program *premiere
Réservoir IV

In the continuity of the “Climat avenir” cycle published in March 2021, Reservoir IV continues a representation of nature through synthetic music. The teeming complexity of an imaginary ecosystem is expressed by the harsh song of electronics, mingled with bordering soundscapes. In this perspective, the dome of the SAT is envisioned as a reservoir where water collides with walls, its sphere deposited on the outskirts of an unknown territory. Ephemeral music, part of the work will be performed live, inscribed in the moment.

Future climate;
images of abandoned places,
of maddened winds,
corrosive and poisonous flora.
Angry protagonists with scathing cries.
Beauty of the blue-green lakes, the twinkling of the stars under the bronze clouds.
Slow movement of floors. Crash of ice. Solar flows.