October 12, 2021

Day 2 - 8pm


@ Le Vivier


The program Akousma_En-Direct is co-presented in association with Le Vivier, a group of which Akousma has been a member since 2007.
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Léa Boudreau

Léa Boudreau is a sound artist based in Montréal shaping her art around circuit- bending and DIY. Through electroacoustic music, performances and installations, she explores the unexpected qualities of second-hand objects while integrating a touch of humour and playfulness. She was awarded many prizes and grants in the last years (2nd and 3rd JTTP 2020 and 2019 prizes from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, the Marcelle Deschênes 2019 prize from the Université de Montréal faculty of music, the 3rd Hugh-Le Caine 2017 prize from the SOCAN foundation, etc.) and her projects have been broadcasted and performed around the globe. She published her first album with Montreal label Mikroclimat in 2020 and will start an Intermedia MFA (Video, performance and electronic arts) in Concordia during fall 2021.

Program this performance is no longer available due to [...] (15’)

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Anne-F Jacques

Anne-F Jacques is a sound artist based in Montreal. She is interested in amplification, oblique interactions between materials and construction of various contraptions and idiosyncratic systems. Her particular focus is on low technology, trivial objects and unpolished sounds. She keeps busy these days by doing battery-powered performances in vacant lots, empty hallways and under staircases, mostly for no audience.

Tenir à un fil (10’)

Véro Marengère &
Alain Lefebvre  

Véro Marengère is an emerging audiovisual artist and researcher based in Montreal. She creates artworks that evoke entanglement, pop culture, ecosophy and digital intimacy. Inspired by everyday objects, technological communities, ASMR, electromagnetism and human voice, her work takes a critical yet playful approach to hyperpersonal video and music making. Véro Marengère is currently a graduate student in the digital music program at the Faculty of music of the Université de Montréal. She is a teacher’s assistant for the course Stereophonic Recording and Sound Systems as well as the content lead of the national digital literacy project AlphaNumérique.

Alain Lefebvre makes abstract noise with amplified objects and lo-fi devices which he pushes beyond their intended uses and capabilities. He is interested in using typically unwanted sounds as a means of reconsidering prevailing distinctions between the intrinsically musical and the intrinsically non-musical. His music embraces short circuits, 50-60Hz hum, DC offset, electromagnetic interference and other perhaps unnamed analog pariahs. As a seasoned cultural organizer in Montreal’s underground scene, Lefebvre co-founded Rara Avis in 2018 - a digital label for hard-to-classify experimental music. His albums have also appeared on the Kohlenstoff, Jeunesse Cosmique and Mikroclimat labels, occasionally under the moniker of Total Music.

The Journey of Objects into Selfhood (15’)

The Journey of Objects into Selfhood evokes intimate and communicative space where sounds spontaneously move in and out of each other’s paths like characters in an unscripted play. By using amplified objects, lights and electromagnetism, it explores the possibility of rethinking our relationship to everyday objects in a Fluxus and neoanimist perspective. Adopting a posture of matter over mind, The Journey of Objects into Selfhood doesn’t impose ideas as much as it imposes empathy.

Dominic Jasmin 

Dominic Jasmin is an improvising musician and electroacoustic composer from Montreal. His music, somewhere between free jazz and acousmatic music, blends the accidental and unpredictable nature of the former with the techniques of the latter to create what has been described as « structured noise ». Primarily working with found sounds and electronics, he also incorporates guitar and hardware synths to some of his live sets. He is also a member of noise duo Chayer/Jasmin and the Kohlenstoff collective. 



Freely improvised spatialised live set.

October 12, 2021

Day 2 -


@ Le Vivier


The program Akousma_En-Direct is co-presented in association with Le Vivier, a group of which Akousma has been a member since 2007.
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Martín Rodríguez

As a multidisciplinary Chicanx artist and independent curator, Martín Rodríguez’s work emerges from personal experiences. By engaging the present, his practice mixes performance with interventional happenings, and installations.

After a surgery to remove a brain tumor left him temporarily paralyzed Rodríguez searched for new meaning.  When radio signals trapped in his guitar began to sing, he seized on the phenomena, and began exploring the cracks of the radio spectrum as a material for making art. Notably, his work has been presented by the Musée d’art contemporain Montréal (CA), MUAC (MX), Darling Foundry (CA), Spektrum (DE), as well as various festivals and performance venues across Canada, and the US.

In addition to producing his own work, he organises and curates various events, happenings, and festivals including: Bodies in Resonance (2021), Acoustic Mirror (2020), the international digital art festival Sight and Sound Festival (2019), Ibrida*Pluri A/V Festival (2019), Amplified (2018) and PirateBlocRadio In-Situ (2017).  From 2014 to 2018, he worked as Technical Director, Lab Director, and Co-director of Eastern Bloc, an artist-run centre dedicated to presenting emerging media artists in Montréal, Canada.

Entre Temps Perdus (15’)

Rodríguez will perform a piece from his album Entre Temps Perdus (2021). For this album Rodríguez developed a process using live radio broadcasts, a modular theremin, and a ride cymbal to examine the stretching of a single moment in time, creating a space between contemplation and movement. Mixed into this performance are sounds emerging from Montreal's urban spaces during the early days of the pandemic revealing harmonies and textures tucked away between broadcast and cymbal.

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Photo credit : Jose Garcia-Lozano

Érick d’Orion

Interdisciplinary audio artist, composer for the performing arts and cinema, musician/improviser and audio curator residing in Montreal since 2015.

As curator, he has organiszed more than a dozen events focusing on audio art and advanced sound creation. He was co-curator of the artist-run center Avatar (2008-2010) and he is curator for the sound installations component of the Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville since 2010.

Concentring much of his audio research on digital maximalism, d’Orion performs a work that closely resembles noise, musique concrète, free jazz and electroacoustic.

He is part of the duo morceaux_de_machine, the trio BOLD (with Alexis Bellavance and Nicolas Bernier) and the trio Napalm Jazz, as well as a multitude of ad hoc ensembles.

Program *creation
Apocalypse vaudou (10’)

Photo credit : Luc Sénécal

(Takuto Fukuda &
Ana Dall’Ara Majek)

blablaTrains is a duo by Ana Dall’Ara-Majek and Takuto Fukuda, focusing on the integration of physical gestures and electroacoustic sounds into a multimodal performance by using their analogue/digital musical instruments–Ana’s augmented Theremin and Takuto’s gestural controller. Their performance unfolds at the intersection of the gesture-sound synchrony and the inter-performers synchrony. Drawing various relationships on a continuum between explicit synchrony and elusive asynchrony, their music conjures up poetics over the collective subjectivity.

They have been awarded second prize at IEMC2021 (China) and have performed at international events such as Live@CIRMMT 2020 (Montreal, Canada), NIME 2019 (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Now Hear This Festival 2018 (Edmonton, Canada) and MA/IN Intermedia Festival 2018 (Matera, Italy).

Ana Dall’Ara-Majek is a composer, sound artist and researcher living in Montreal. She is interested in the study of how instrumental, electroacoustic and computational-thinking approaches interact in music. She's been active for composing multimedia pieces and performing live electronic music.

Takuto Fukuda is a composer, sound artist and gestural controller performer. He has been exploring the enhancement of the audience engagement with technologically enhanced liveness. His approaches encompass, among others, gestural control of music, interactive audiovisual installations and Game Pieces.

Pythagorean Domino (15’)

Pythagorean Domino is an improvisatory composition for an augmented Theremin and a gyro-based gestural controller. This work aims to integrate music concrete techniques and an algorithmic compositional approach in the context of composition for gestural controllers. While music concrete compositional practice brings out the concept of “composite object”—a sound object made up of several distinct and successive elements—in the piece, our algorithmic compositional approach delivers an interpolation technique which entails gradual transformations of the composite objects over time. Our challenge is to perform a chain of short fragmental elements in tandem in the way to form a single musical unit, while the algorithms for transformation are autonomously changing synthetic and control parameter settings. This approach derives closely interconnected triangular interactions between two performers and a computer.

Photo credit : André Parmentier