Falaises (QC)

TITLE : Falaises
Recorded during Akousma 14
DATE : October 27, 2017

Emerging from the collaboration between visual artist Dave Gagnon and composers Guillaume Côté and Alexis Langevin-Tetrault, Montreal based audiovisual trio Falaises delivers a stunning multi-sensory experience as they flood the space with massive sound and light. The name of the project refers to the feeling of risk on the edge of a cliff when performing live.

Falaises push the threshold where noise and tone harmonize, then fall apart as the electroacoustic and modular interventions feed into real-time visuals strikingly displayed within a unique reflective device designed specifically for this project; standing halfway between art installation and live video.

Their performance move through many moments of blissful saturation, bass rumbles, hiss and wailing sine waves inducing a wide range of sensations. Silhouettes and abstract figures move in and out of focus, refract and washes into the fog through radiant lights that cut the space like a knife. 
Together, the members of Falaises create a dense wall of sound and light that gets consumed until total erosion.

Falaises (2017), 22’ 39"
It’s worth mentioning that this is one of the first performances by the collective of a program that has evolved a lot since.

Visual excerpt : ︎