Magali Babin, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Martine H. Crispo, Anne-Françoise Jacques, Émilie Mouchous, Erin Sexton

TITLE : Movements
Recorded during Akousma 10
DATE : Octobre 23, 2013

Exclusively female and based in Montréal, FÜNF is a collective of sonic art explorers and experimental electronic music improvisers whose six members have been collaborating in various formations for several years. Erin Sexton, Émilie Mouchous, Anne-Françoise Jacques, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Magali Babin et Martine H. Crispo take a distinctive, multifarious and DIY approach to their aural interventions. FÜNF make and invent their own musical instruments and amplification systems, and favour analogue technologies over their digital counterparts. Handmade synthesizers and oscillators, radiowaves and receivers, objects and tampered motors, textured surfaces, transformed antennas, prepared turntable, reappropriated technologies and live manipulated hydrophones, make up a part of the collective’s instrumentorium. FÜNF’s set up lays out like a magnificent mosaic, a heap of organized forms and colours, objects that move and make electrical sounds that can be likened to « electro-experimental » sonic laboratories of the 1963-65 BBC era. The process of creation is rooted in graphic research and an exploded sound esthetic that is channelled and mapped across the collective’s eclectic instrumentorium.

Movements (2013) 41’
Movements is a gesture driven choreography of sonic materials, shaped in the interstices of non-traditional scoring and free improvisation. In Movements, the FÜNF collective constricts and expands their configuration, working in fluidly shifting formations throughout the duration of the piece, which employs a panoply of handcrafted and or invented instruments.