Giant Claw (US)

TITLE : Live At Akousma 2018
Recorded during Akousma 15
DATE : October 19, 2018

Giant Claw is the musical project of visual artist and Orange Milk Records co-founder Keith Rankin. As a collaborator, he has joined with Orange Milk partner Seth Graham under the name Cream Juice, and as part of the group death’s dynamic shroud. His personal work is focused on blending textural sound design with complex harmonic and melodic material to create a hybrid modern composition unique to our place and time.

Previous albums Dark Web, Deep Thoughts, and Soft Channel have been featured on publications like NPR, Wire Magazine, Rolling Stone, and were named among tinymixtapes favorite albums of 2014, 2015 and 2017 and CMJs albums of the year in 2014.

As a designer, Rankin has provided the visuals for many Orange Milk projects and has been commissioned by institutions like the New York Times and the MIT Technology Review.