Monique Jean (QC)

TITLE : Miss Take, pour lecteur de cassettes, no-input (2019)
Recorded during Akousma 16
DATE : October 23, 2019

Monique Jean is always seeking sound material that is charged, raw, and full of energy. For her, sound’s materiality is the key to sensation, and gives rise to both physical sense and logical sense. Her current research involves spatialization on a dome of loudspeakers; sound in continual metamorphosis; and the unpredictable and imperfect aspects of living sound, which she finds in improvisation with her “no-input” device, part of the Miss Take project.

Program: Miss Take, for cassette player, no-input (2019)
Miss Take gives us a sympathetic vibration: one that resonates with the location, the vibrating material, and the gathering energy that breathes life into the no-input device and spills out into the multiphonic space. Miss Take is a rudimentary device designed for an out-dated object, the cassette player, configured for no-input. The resulting sound from the electric circuit is unpredictable, switching in an instant from bass to treble or from pure to granular sound, within a reduced tonal palette. The rhythm and movement created via the spatialization of this vibrating material are triggered by perceptual factors—attentive, like us, to the unfolding sound.