Nashim Gargari (MX/QC)

TITLE : The Desert Planet (2020)
Recorded in the composer’s studio

Note : The addition of The Desert Planet, by Nashim Gargari, to this section of “recorded concerts” in a way revives the concept put forward by the iConcerts series launched by Akousma (then Réseaux des arts media) in 2003. With this series, which had four “seasons” (2003, 2007, 2008 and 2010), Akousma made available on its website recordings of pieces commissioned by the company (since 1997, Akousma has commissioned 54 works, of which the list can be found here).
The Desert Planet was commissioned from Nashim Gargari with the help of the DémART MTL program of the Conseil des arts de Montréal in 2020.

Nashim Gargari is interested in electroacoustic creation and composition by connecting the field of environmental sound art with electronic music, piano composition, live performance, video, improvisation, installation and radio art.

She works to establish a collaboration between biology, conservation, environmental education and sound composition.

Her music has been presented in various festivals, concerts and public events, such as: World Electroacoustic Listening Room at CalState Fullerton University, Sonic Landscapes in California (USA), the acousmatic children's repertoire of Brussels (BE), the international spatialization competition of the 21st international festival L'espace du son in Brussels (BE), at the MANCA Festival in Nice (FR), at the FREEZE exhibition of the Harbor Center in Toronto (On). At Concordia University, in Montreal, she conducted the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (ClorK) and she participated with Audiotopie in the light and sound installation SILO in Victoriaville (QC) as part of the FIMAV in 2016. She was part of the first ecoacoustic music festival in Anchorage in 2017.

In 2018, the compilation “Sound Anthology” accompanying Vol. 42, No. 1 of the Computer Music Journal included two of her works. That same year, Nashim Gargari spatialized two of her compositions during the 15th edition of the Akousma festival in Montreal, at Usine C.

The Desert Planet (2020) 12’ 30"
The Desert Planet is a composition nourished by sounds generated by the analog synthesizers RSF Kobol, AKS EMS and Korg MS20. A rhythmic soundtrack is built over time and encloses us in a mass of frequencies controlled by variable filters. A synthetic story builds, which recalls the desert through its noises and variations, and which evokes a violent wind as well as floating and ephemeral electronic voices. The inspiration for this piece came from the climate crisis, which is accelerating desertification in several weakened sectors of our planet.