Jon Vaughn (SK) / Colby Richardson (MB)

TITLE : Mellotrauma(création)
Recorded during Akousma 13
DATE : October 20, 2016

Jon Vaughn is a visual artist, curator and experimental musician living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His sonic work fuses composition and improvisation, and electronics and acoustics with a love of both minimalism and free jazz into his own unique mutation. Releases of his can be found on labels such as No Type, Panospria, Oral, Flish, Krakilsk and Slapart as well as his own Pop Quiz Records.

Colby Richardson is a visual artist, filmmaker, and analogue video artist based in Winnipeg Manitoba. As a video artist, Colby utilizes an array of historic video technologies and equipment to create dynamic and textural visual works, focusing on the control and exploration of video feedback and no-input mixing. Colby creates otherworldly video realms that straddle the border between glossy and grotesque, investigating themes of transformation, passage, and escape.

Program :
Mellotrauma (2016) 35' (premiere)
Mellotrauma is a composition for live performance utilizing audio and video feedback and electronic manipulations that is intended to both overwhelm and subdue the senses. Jon Vaughn incorporates both analogue and digital sound sources to evoke and transform the idea of experimental noise music manifesting in richly textural worlds embedded with fragmented melodies, cavernous bass lines and spasmodic no-input mixing and tape-manipulated instrumentation.

The accompanying visuals in Mellotrauma are created and altered in real time by Colby Richardson through the use of analogue video synthesis, video feedback, and no-input video mixing. By combining and sculpting these layers, Richardson creates a visual response to the tone and intensity of Vaughn’s consuming soundscape, collectively propelling the audience through swelling waves and dense detritus, blurring the boundaries between the two mediums.