Festival of immersive digital music

17ᵗʰ edition 30ᵗʰ anniversary
OCTOBER 11-15, 2021 

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News – 12/11/21

Report on our La Ruche fundraising campaign

Akousma's first fundraising campaign in its 30-year history, carried out with the help of the La Ruche crowdfunding platform, set itself a modest target which was reached, and even exceeded, thanks to some thirty contributors. Among these, Akousma has discovered a new partner, who has become the main donor of this campaign: the “Pôle lavallois d’enseignement supérieur en arts numériques et économie créative (PLAN), an organization that brings together Collège Montmorency, the Université de Montréal and the Université du Québec à Montréal. We look forward to sharing with you the projects that will emerge from this partnership.

In addition to the 3,340 $ raised during the campaign, 500 $ were donated by the Conseil des arts de Montréal to mark the achievement of the set goal of 3,000 $. This sum will make it possible to imagine new ways of promoting the creation and distribution of immersive digital music.

Akousma warmly thanks all the contributors of this first fundraising campaign. It was the first, but it sure won't be the last! From now on, you will be able to send us your donations year round, and we will automatically send you a charitable donation receipt. Go to our website and find the "Support us" tab.

Many thanks in advance for your support.

News – 27/10/21

A wonderful edition to celebrate its 30ᵗʰ anniversary !

The 17th edition of the immersive digital music festival Akousma was held from October 11 to 15 in Montreal with great success and an audience that was obviously eager to come and experience it all!

The 10ᵗʰ program by artistic director Louis Dufort kicked off with a preliminary evening at the Satosphere of the Société des arts technologiques, at the invitation of MTL Connect (Digital Spring). With the premiere of an acousmatic work by Simon Chioini, a music video by the duo GGROUNDD (commissioned by Akousma) and a presentation of an audiovisual work by Myriam Bleau and Sandrine Deumier (recently awarded at the Japan Media Arts Festival), Akousma delighted the audience attending this sold-out event.

The next day, Akousma co-produced a concert with Le Vivier at the Espace orange of the Wilder Building, a program devoted to live sound arts, which also presented its share of premieres. Nine artists playing laptop computers, theremin or invented instruments offered an extremely varied concert which was, once again, sold out.

Artists of the concert at the Wilder : Léa Boudreau, Anne-F Jacques, Véro Marengère + Alain Lefebvre, Dominic Jasmin, Martín Rodríguez, Érick d’Orion, blablabla Trains

At Usine C, an inventory of electroacoustic creation

Returning to its headquarters for the 10ᵗʰ time, Akousma offered Usine C a real inventory of Canadian electroacoustic creation by presenting no less than 20 artists on the first two evenings, before ending the festivities in style on the 15ᵗʰ with a concert that paid tribute to pioneers of the genre in Quebec (Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux, Marcelle Deschênes and Gisèle Ricard) as well as to the co-founders of Akousma in 1991 (Jean-François Denis, Gilles Gobeil and Robert Normandeau, whose work Christophe Lengelé also praised).

In addition, invading the entire space of Usine C, Akousma presented in the hall an exhibition by the multidisciplinary artist Félix-Antoine Morin, who hung some of his “Sound Cartographies”, while the composer David Ledoux presented in the garden “Possible sound fields”, an installation co-produced with the help of Audiotopie.

At Usine C on October 13 : Félix-Antoine Morin (spatialized by Guillaume Cliche), Pablo Geeraert + Joseph Sims ( winners of the 2021 JTTP composition competition), Jean-François Blouin, Chantal Dumas, Kevin Austin, Stéphane Roy, Pauline Patie, Claude Périard, Sarah Feldman, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier.

At Usine C on October 14 : Mélanie Frisoli ( winner of the 2020 JTTP composition competition ), Frédéric Auger, Roger Tellier-Craig, Hugo Tremblay, Rouzbeh Shadpey, Erin Gee, Xavier Madore, France Jobin, Louis Dufort.

For this exceptional 17ᵗʰ edition of its festival, which marked its 30ᵗʰ anniversary so well, Akousma would like to thank its partners MTL Connecte, Le Vivier, Audiotopie and the staff of Usine C, as well as those of the SAT and the Wilder Building.

The concerts on October 12, 13, 14 and 15, at the Wilder Building and Usine C, have been recorded and will be available to watch soon - check our website for details.

The immersive digital music festival Akousma will return in 2022, from October 11 to 16, for an 18ᵗʰ edition that will regain its international character !  

Photo credits: Caroline Campeau
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Akousma Festival

Next edition : October 11 > 14, 2022 / Montreal

In 1991, composers Jean-François Denis, Gilles Gobeil, and Robert Normandeau founded the Réseaux des arts médiatiques. From this initiative, the Akousma festival was born; today, the Akousma name also covers the concert production company. In 2021, we celebrated 30 years of Akousma with the festival’s 17th edition. This was also artistic director Louis Dufort’s tenth edition, and once again, he has led the team in designing an eclectic program, which you can see here.

A note on our history: the first concert from the Réseaux des arts médiatiques was held in November 1991. The concert, “Top Secret – Hommage à Francis Dumont” was organized as a surprise for the composer’s 65th birthday. For a snapshot of the event (and for the full 1991 vibe), take a look at our video.


The Electrochoc concert series, presented jointly by the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal and Akousma ,

is a series of concert-discussions that introduces audiences to different aspects of electroacoustic music. The concerts also showcase the talent and creativity of the students invited by Martin Bédard and Louis Dufort (the series’ two artistic directors) from their composition classes.



Thierry Gauthier — 09/09/2021
Soundwich n° 1— 30/09/2021
Joël Lavoie et Émilie Payeur— 25/10/2021
Maxime Corbeil-Perron — 27/01/2022
Soundwich n° 2— 17/03/2022
Pierre-Luc Lecours —14/04/2022