The Electrochoc concert series, presented jointly by the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal and Akousma ,

is a series of concert-discussions that introduces audiences to different aspects of electroacoustic music. The concerts also showcase the talent and creativity of the students invited by Martin Bédard and Louis Dufort (the series’ two artistic directors) from their composition classes.  
2022-2023 Season
Maxime Corbeil-Perron — 15/09/2022
SOUNDWICH XV— 03/10/2022
Roxanne Turcotte— 01/12/2022
Myriam Bleau — 16/02/2023
SOUNDWICH XVI— 16/03/2023
Woulg & Racine —13/04/2023

September 15, 2022

Maxime Corbeil-Perron


In collaboration with the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

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Maxime Corbeil-Perron is an artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal whose artistic practice unfolds in a multiplicity of mediums: audiovisual performance, experimental cinema, electroacoustic composition, improvisation, sound art and installation.

As a director, he received the prize for the best experimental animation at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (2021), the prize for the best work of art and experimentation at the Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma (Canada, 2020) and the grand prize experimental at the Festival Tous Courts (France, 2020). His work has been highlighted with the first prize at the MUTE festival (Italy), the Dérapages grand prize (Canada, 2022) and special mentions at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Canada, 2019), the Aguilar Short Film Festival (Spain, 2019) and at VIDEOFORMES (France, 2020).

As a composer and sound artist, he received an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica (2021). His works were also awarded the Medal of the Italian Senate by the biennial composition competition Città di Udine (IT, 2012, 2016). His work was also recognized by the Destellos Foundation (2nd prize, 2012), and by the Canadian JTTP competition (1st prize, 2011). He has received commissions for works from Continuum Ensemble, Ensemble SuperMusique, Ensemble d'Oscillateurs, Productions Totem Contemporain and Quatuor Bozzini.


Atomes (2010) 11:40
An acousmatic work combining synthetic, natural, electric and instrumental sounds. As a tribute to Japanese noise music, a Larsen effect (generated by the no-input technique) acts as a soloist, flying over a heterogeneous and molecular sound material.

Cubic (2016) 13:00
The genesis of this piece lies in a structural analogy, that of a melodic element which, like a cubist painting, is deconstructed and fragmented in a multitude of planes. This work opens its aesthetic code to various forms of electronic music.

Polychrome (2017) 12”
Excerpts from a suite of improvisations:


Wise constellations (2013-14) 9:30
Inspired by the poem and pictorial work of Paul Klee:

“Once emerged from the gray of night
Heavier and dearer and stronger
Than the fire of the night
Drunk with God and doubled over.

At present ethereal
Surrounded by blue
Soaring over the glaciers
Toward the wise constellations.”
Paul Klee, 1917-1918

Evelyne Ridyard : percussions
Ida Toninato ; saxophone baryton

Origami (2021) 4:3, couleur 2:00
Origami uses a multitude of perspectives and dimensions. In this case, its luminous fractals and geometry are liquefied by the cathode ray of a prepared television.

Displacement (2019) 16:9, couleur 9:00
A luminous weaving wavering between illusions, fear and wonder. An expressionist composition combining image editing, electroacoustic music and analog video synthesis.

[re]:generativ (2018-19) 16:9, couleur,  stéréoscopique (rouge/cyan)
An archaeomediatic audiovisual work, whose aesthetics offers an abstract compositional approach that tends towards naturalism, in the form of a return to nature as a source of abstraction. Like the sounds of this work, the light waves of analog video synthesis mingle with abstract and dreamlike synthetic landscapes, enhanced by an obsolete optical technology: anaglyph stereoscopy. The 3D visualization device is used here to experience abstract and surreal spaces, color modulation and stereoscopic optical textures.
This piece was composed using various experimental techniques such as generative sound algorithms. no-input, real-time sound processing and improvisation with analog and digital synthesis. Sonically, I wanted to create a work that crosses boundaries in terms of aesthetic codes, borrowing elements from minimalist contemporary electronic music, ambient, noise, concrete music and various electronic sub-genres.

Credit : Rémy Ogez

November 3ʳᵈ, 2022


7:30pm Conference / 8pm Concert
In collaboration with the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

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December 1ˢᵗ, 2022

Roxanne Turcotte

7:30pm Conference / 8pm Concert
In collaboration with the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

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After studying piano at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal and Université de Montréal, Roxanne Turcotte specialized in composition and music technology. In 1988, she became the first female acousmatician to receive a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition from the Université de Montréal, where she studied under Marcelle Deschênes and Francis Dhomont. She also studied instrumental composition with Serge Garant.

She has completed programs in pedagogy (Université du Québec à Montréal) and in technology (Musitechnic and the SAT), as well as residencies such as the Académie Sampo in Saint-Étienne (France) for mixed music production. Her musical approach in her composition and sound design rests on an artistic integration drawing on film and theatre production. She is involved in creating music for television, video, radio, dance, stage arts, media arts, and circus arts, and in creating sound, music, and visual installations. She has been a member of juries for composition prizes, and she regularly provides composition training and workshops. Since 2020, she has also taught music to young people. With grants from the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA) and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), Roxanne Turcotte has more than ten solo and collaborative records to her name along with several publications. She has given many concerts with a number of music ensembles, and she has toured in Canada, in the US, and internationally. Roxanne Turcotte was awarded the SOCAN Jan V. Matejcek award for new classical music in 2021.


February 16, 2023

Myriam Bleau

7:30pm Conference / 8pm Concert
In collaboration with the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

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Myriam Bleau is a composer and digital artist based in Montréal. Using music and sound as a point of departure, she has created audiovisual performances, video works, installations, and interactive devices that articulate sound, light, and movement. Her work investigates performance, both as a codified cultural manifestation and as an embodied (re)enactment of human and non-human systems, notably through machine learning. It explores the porosity between the virtual and physical worlds, and between notions of the natural and synthetic. It has been recognized and presented internationally, in festivals such as Prix Ars Electronica (Austria), Sónar (Spain, Hong Kong), MUTEK (Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Japan), Scopitone (France), Transmediale (Germany), and Café Oto (UK).



Credit : Augustina Isidori