February 16, 2023

Myriam Bleau

7:30pm Conference / 8pm Concert
In collaboration with the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

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Myriam Bleau is a composer and digital artist based in Montréal. Using music and sound as a point of departure, she has created audiovisual performances, video works, installations, and interactive devices that articulate sound, light, and movement. Her work investigates performance, both as a codified cultural manifestation and as an embodied (re)enactment of human and non-human systems, notably through machine learning. It explores the porosity between the virtual and physical worlds, and between notions of the natural and synthetic. It has been recognized and presented internationally, in festivals such as Prix Ars Electronica (Austria), Sónar (Spain, Hong Kong), MUTEK (Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Japan), Scopitone (France), Transmediale (Germany), and Café Oto (UK).



"to give names to nameless things" (2023) ~21'
For bass clarinet, trombone and digital instruments programmed with Supercollider.
Charlotte Layec - bass clarinet • Kalun Leung - trombone

Inspired by "Eros the Bittersweet", Anne Carsons' essay about desire, "to give names to nameless things" refers to the triangulation of metaphor, which brings together "two heterogenous things close to reveal their kinship". In this new point of convergence, ever fleeting, both the literal meaning and the novel meaning are held in tension "by the metaphor's way of looking at the world".

Hypermobility - Variations (2022-2023)   ~30'
Studies and explorations based on the audiovisual performance Hypermobility. Digital synthesis programmed with Supercollider.

Credit : Augustina Isidori