News – 30/05/22

Akousma’s REMIX unveiling 

We are excited and proud to show you our most recent project which is months in the making: Akousma’s REMIX_01, a first video (out of four) featuring performances from different concerts, recorded during the Akousma 17 Festival in October 2021.

Whether you’ve attended all, some, or none of the concerts, you will find something to delight your ears: the order of the performances has been changed, mixing the four concert nights together.

Huge thanks to La Conserve Média for recording and editing. They were able to capture the visual dimension of mainly auditory experience. What better way to crystallize our 30th anniversary, celebrated “en famille” with a 100% local edition!

These remixes are free and accessible online. We invite you to support us by clicking here.

Stay tuned: three more will be published over the summer and fall. You’ll find them under the Akousma’s REMIX tab on our website or on our Vimeo channel.